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Have you ever felt stuck? Overwhelmed? In need of a change?

As a certified NLP practitioner and life coach, I help people transform their lives and create the change necessary to achieve personal and professional success.

Every client’s journey is personal, and I work closely with everyone to understand the real essence of each concern, develop a deeper awareness, and build the motivation for change. By breaking away from destructive patterns and creating resilience through accountability, my clients forge true and lasting change in their lives, finding more happiness, self-fulfillment, and confidence.

Reem Ahmed

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Available as individual as well as relationship coaching, this approach helps clients work through and overcome the obstacles, thought patterns, and behaviors that are disrupting their personal lives.

Professional & Career Coaching

Whether individually or in a group setting, executive coaching helps clients tackle workplace dynamics that could be limiting their professional success.

NLP Outreach & Workshops

Regular workshops help support the UAE’s broader community and build awareness of how NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can transform lives.

How clients have transformed their lives through coaching

Maya Abbas

"The sessions I had with [Reem Ahmed] were so helpful, and the results are great! I did coaching with Reem for a ‘commitment goal’, which was mainly about being committed to tasks with positivity, a focused mind, persistence, and by becoming stronger in the face of the obstacles and negativity around me. As a result of this coaching, I have stopped complaining and moved forward, blocking negativity and negative people around me, and I have committed to my goals and tasks."

Maya Abbas

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